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Upcoming Events

Celebrating our 21st Year!!!

Fall Registration Opens Monday, August 8th!

Fall Classes Begin Tuesday, September 6th

Holidays/ Studio Closings

Fall Break -November 23-26

Winter Break- Dec 22- Jan 2

Spring Break- April 7-13

Save The Date!

Picture Week

May 15-20 during class time

Save the Date!

Recital Weekend

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

Dress Rehearsal

Friday, June 9th, 2023

  • Contact Us

    For any questions regarding dates or times, please contact the office at 910.426.3210

    Located at:
    3504 Masonboro Ct.
    Hope Mills, NC 28348
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  • Canadian Crowder

    I am Canadian M. Crowder and for the past 26 years that I have existed on this earth I have experienced many different forms of love but none of them comparable to my first love, dance. Dance has always been my first love! As far as I can remember dance has been apart of my life. At the age of 6 I joined a singing and dance group called The Voices of Eagles. This opportunity began my dance journey, it introduced me to different styles of dance, and gave me the chance to perform in front of many different crowds. Soon after my time with The Voice of Eagles I became even more obsessed and wanted more! I then joined anything that I could that involved dance. I participated in dance classes, recreational and school cheerleading, and church dance groups where I would perform and create choreography for the group and others.  As an adult I came to the realization that there are kids in the world that share the same passion for dance that I have without the needed resources to explore their interest. Therefore, I decided to start my own dancing  program here in Fayetteville, North Carolina . Established in 2022 Modest Moves has been in full effect and quite successful. No matter your race, culture or background, dance is a language we all can speak and relate too.