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Upcoming Events


Click Here to View the 2019-2020 Fall Schedule


Fall 2019 Registration Dates and Times

In House Studio Dates:

Returning Students:

Monday, August 5 (3PM-7PM) Ages 2-6

Tuesday, August 6 (3PM-7PM) Ages 7-12

Wednesday, August 7 (3PM-7PM) Ages 13+

Open Registration:

Thursday, August 8 (3PM-7PM) All Ages

Friday, August 9 (3PM- 7PM) All Ages


Fall Classes begin Tuesday, September 3rd!


Holidays/ Studio Closings

Fall Break -November 27-30

Winter Break- Dec 23-Jan 1

Spring Break- April 10-16


Save the Date!

Recital Weekend at the Crown Auditorium

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Dress Rehearsal

Friday, June 12, 2020

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    For any questions regarding dates or times, please contact the office at 910.426.3210

    Located at:
    3504 Masonboro Ct.
    Hope Mills, NC 28348
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  • 2019 Summer Schedule Registration Begins Monday, May 13th at 4PM

    Summer Dance Classes Begin July 8- August 1

    4 Week Summer Session Schedule

    (You can also download a printable class schedule Summer 2019.)

    Studio One


    Ballet Technique Mini (7-9 yr olds)3:00
    Jazz Technique Mini (7-9 yr olds)4:00
    Ballet Tech (10-12 yr olds) 1.5 hour5:00
    Intermediate Pointe’ (2-3 years) 1 hour6:30
    Jazz Technique (10-12 yr olds) 1 hour7:30


    Ballet Mini Team3:00
    Contemporary and Flow (7-12 yr olds)4:00
    Contemporary and Flow (Ages 13+)5:00
    Advanced Ballet  (Ages 13+) 1.5 hour6:00
    Advanced Pointe’ (4+ years) 1 hour7:30
    Advanced Tap (Ages 13+) 45 min.8:30


    Jumps/Turns (7-9 yr olds)4:00
    Jumps/Turns (10-12 yr olds)5:00
    Advanced Jazz (Ages 13+)6:00
    Advanced Contemporary (Ages 13+)7:00
    Advanced Hip Hop (Ages 13+)8:00


    Jazz Mini Team3:00
    Intermediate Tumble (Invite)4:00
    Beginner Tumble (Invite)5:00
    Advanced Tumble (Invite)6:00
    Stretch/Conditioning (Ages 13+)7:00
    Turns and Jumps Advanced (Aged 13+)8:00


    Studio Closed


    Studio Two


    Ballet I (7-9 yr olds) Beginner3:00
    Jazz I (7-9 yr olds) Beginner4:00
    Ballet II (10-12 yr olds)5:00
    Jazz II (10-12 yr olds)6:00
    Hip Hop II (10-12 yr olds)7:00


    Ballet/Hip Hop/Tumble (3/4 yr olds)4:00
    Stretch/Conditioning (7-12 yr olds)5:00
    Lyrical I (7-9 yr olds)6:00
    Hip Hop I (7-9 yr olds)7:00


    Ballet I & II (7-12 yr olds)4:00
    Lyrical I & II  (7-12 yr olds)5:00
    Hip Hop I & II (7-12 yr olds)6:00
    Tap I & II (7-12 yr olds)7:00


    Intermediate Pointe’ (2-3 years)4:00
    Beginner Pointe’ (1st year)5:00
    Hip Hop I (7-9 yr olds)6:00
    Lyrical II (10-12 yr olds)7:00


    Studio Closed


    Studio Three


    Ballet/Tap/Tumble (3/4 yr olds)3:30
    Ballet/Hip Hop (3/4 yr olds)4:30
    Hip Hop/Tumble (5/6 yr olds)5:30
    Ballet/Jazz (5/6 yr olds)6:30


    Tumble (3/4 yr olds)3:30
    Tumble (5/6 yr olds) Beginner4:30
    Tumble II (10-12 yr olds) Beginner5:30
    Tumble I (7-9 yr olds) Beginner6:30
    Boys Only Hip Hop (7-12 yr olds)7:30


    Ballet/Jazz (3/4 yr olds)4:00
    Ballet/Tap (3/4 yr olds)5:00
    Hip Hop/Tumble (5/6 yr olds)6:00
    Ballet/Tap (5/6 yr olds)7:00


    Ballet/Hip Hop/Tumble (3/4 yr olds)3:00
    Hip Hop/Tumble (5/6 yr olds)4:00
    Ballet/Jazz (5/6 yr olds)5:00
    Hip Hop II (10-12 yr olds)6:00


    Studio Closed