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Summer Classes/Camps/Intensives
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Registration begins Monday, May 13th  at 4:00PM

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Recital Weekend at the Crown Auditorium

Friday, June 7, 2019

Dress Rehearsal at the Crown Auditorium

5:00PM- Combo Classes Rehearsal

6:30PM- I and II Classes Rehearsal

8:00PM- Advanced and Team Rehearsal

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Recital Showcase at the Crown Auditorium

11:30AM- Combo Classes Recital

2:00PM- I and II Classes Recital

6:00PM- Advanced and Team Recital


Holidays/ Studio Closings

Spring Break- April 19-25

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  • Kaylen Knight

    Born and raised in Hope Mills, North Carolina, Kaylen Knight was a former competitive gymnast. She started gymnastics at age 3 and at age 8 she was asked to be a part of the competitive team. As a gymnast she traveled up the East Coast to compete against the very best, receiving many awards and being recognized for her achievements. One of Kaylen’s many accomplishments was qualifying to compete for the North Carolina State Team. At age 10, Kaylen started dancing at Cumberland Dance Academy, where she was put into a ballet class to help with her gymnastics. She continued dancing until she graduated high school, but stopped doing gymnastics when she entered into her freshmen year of high school. This was because she wanted to focus that time gymnastics took up on school. She attended an early college high school called, Cumberland Polytechnic High School and graduated in May of 2017. She is now enrolled at Methodist University to obtain her Bachelor’s in Biology, and is aspiring to become a Physician Assistant in her years to come.
    Soon after Kaylen stopped doing gymnastics, she knew that she didn’t want to waste her talent from being a gymnast. So she decided to share it with the new generations to come and to help them achieve their dreams. Kaylen began assistant teaching at Cumberland Dance Academy in her young teenage years and began teaching at the age of 17.While training as a competitive gymnast she learned invaluable spotting skills and correct hand placement techniques. Kaylen is a very passionate tumble teacher; her main goal is to keep a positive atmosphere and to help her students strive to meet their goals.